Clearing Houses and Securities Depositories, Belgium

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  • Clearing equities, power, and commodities in Norway.
  • OCC is the issuer and registered clearing facility for all U.S. exchange-listed securities options, including those traded on the American Stock Exchange, the Chicago
  • CDCC is the issuer, clearing house, and hence guarantor of exchange-traded interest rate and equity derivative contracts traded in Canada.
  • International clearing and settlement organisation, offering services for domestic and cross-border equities, bonds and investment funds.
  • Establishing common principles for cross-border activities for efficient and safe securities settlement within the European Union.
  • The world's largest settlement system for securities transactions, covering both bonds and equities.
  • Provides custody, administration, clearing and settlement services for Italian securities.
  • Clears and settles all trades in the Swedish cash and equity markets.
  • Clears and settles virtually all securities listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
  • Also provides DvP in NOK in central bank money, and DvP in Euro in commercial bank money.
  • The ISD is a registry, a depository and a clearing house for the settlement of equities and bonds in dematerialised form.
  • Clearing house that eliminates settlement risk in FX, allowing payment-versus-payment in central-bank funds in USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, DKK, SEK, NOK, SGD,
  • Provides clearance, settlement and information services for virtually all equity, corporate debt, municipal debt, government securities, mortgage-backed securities, and
  • FICC was formed by the merger of the Government Securities Clearing Corporation and the MBS Clearing Corporation, and is a subsidiary of the Depository Trust and
  • Offers method for the reduction of credit risk, capital costs, operational risk and costs in the OTC derivatives industry.
  • Formed by a merger of The London Clearing House Limited and Clearnet, LCH.Clearnet clears swaps, equity settlement, energy, bonds and repo, and futures.
  • Independent clearinghouse for derivatives markets. Features information on history, careers, FAQs, bulletins, member login and services, and contacts.
  • The OeKB handles the clearing and settlement of stock exchange transactions by virtue of a decree of the Vienna Stock Exchange.