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  • A distributor of electrical engineering equipment to the mining, process engineering, power generation, transmission, distribution and manufacturing industries.
  • Electronics and industrial conglomerate with operations in the automation and control, information and communications, lighting, healthcare, and energy sectors. ( NYSE:
  • : CAD, material research, polymer technology Electronics department: 3 labs: EMAS: related to electrical...KHBO - Engineering Technology
  • (Department of Civil Engineering) SYSTeMS (Department of Electrical Energy, Systems and Automation...production of (thermal, mechanical or
  • in Rational Use of Energy activities: Electrical & Automation Engineering Unit, HELdV - ECAM...Biotechnological Sciences Electronics & ICT
  • Electrical Engineering Electronics and Physics, a Master on Medical Physics and Bioengineering, and an MBA...-Sbastien is involved in
  • Electrical energy, systems and automation TW10 Department of Materials Science and Engineering and production TW05 Department of